Corporate design and naming for Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Source: Cornelius Mangold
Source: Cornelius Mangold

A little more JFK 

For the marketing of the airport, politically intended names aren’t the greatest. In reality, Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport is the capital’s airport.

Cornelius Mangold created a strong brand signature with the branding agency Realgestalt that counterbalanced this word monstrosity.

Today, people just say BER when they mean the airport.

Working with contradictions

According to the briefing, a unique logo was required featuring, for example, a plane or runway. Generic symbols are hard to balance with uniqueness. Mangold integrated key stakeholders at the start of the project to develop a better idea.

Keeping the bigger picture in focus

In the end, a simple rectangle with the first three letters of the capital as the only logomark inside did not match the brief, but it did fit the brand positioning, the edginess of the destination – the abbreviation works perfectly for the airport identity.

Successfully forging alliances

Since then, the capital city airport’s IATA code BER has taken on a life of its own as a name thanks to fabulous strategic cooperation between all those in charge of strategy, creation, and corporate communication.

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Cornelius Mangold

Source: Wolf Silveri
Source: Wolf Silveri

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