10 Reasons

10 reasons why we’re better for brands.


Brand basics

People throw around terms like identity, brand, corporate design, logo, brand, marketing, etc. a lot. So long as development, people, and sales departments believe all this doesn’t matter that much to them, a new design will have little impact.

In a communication strategy, Cornelius Mangold takes into account all relevant processes from touchpoint to touchpoint. It’s the process that determines the form. Call it what you like.

Measure twice. Cut once.

To make sure that a brand strategy keeps its promise for a long time, Cornelius Mangold first gathers stakeholder insights. The results come from qualitative interviews with internal and external experts who make a strategy more resilient.



No additives

By separating the meaningful from the incidental in an honest way, unbiased and with a fresh eye, new perspectives emerge. It’s simple, but effective.

Always On, Always Off.

Cornelius Mangold considers every form of communication and brand spaces holistically. No doubt, digital communication is critical for corporate and brand communications. Additionally, a physical-haptic component plays a huge role in perception and evaluation. For example, clean windows can convey attitude as well.



Thinkers AND Doers.

Brand strategies aren’t successful unless they’re implemented. Cornelius Mangold works together with companies to find employees who are passionate about transformation and empower them. We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but the most successful plans are those that work.

Analoge avant-garde.

In the 90s, Cornelius Mangold was active in Berlin’s creative scene and later ran some experimental venues between Friedrichstadtpalast and today’s Ostbahnhof. Communication and openness were essential to his success. Using the skills he developed back then, Mangold formulates brand messages that target people no matter what channel or device they use.




Cornelius Mangold quickly identifies strategic brand development opportunities at the intersection of communications, technology, marketing, and business development.

Change Facilitator.

Connecting CRM and ERP data saves money only if people get on board with the transformation. As part of the early stages of the transformation, Cornelius Mangold helps employees in marketing and sales keep communication flowing consistently internally and externally. 

Collective agreements rarely lead to real change. It takes everyone putting their best foot forward to make it happen.



Smart Fit

Companies need dynamics, the conditions are constantly changing: technical change, intense competition, market processes are getting faster, customer behavior keeps changing. Bring Cornelius Mangold in early to consult (S), for interim management (M), or as an agency (L).

Furthermore, you can work with Cornelius Mangold as a solution-focused ad-hoc team to complement your permanent organizational structures (XL) – We scale to meet your requirements.


Confidence is key to greatness. Confidence in the tools and the team is just as important as self-confidence. Your company and product will be more effective if you trust them.


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