Corporate publishing and innovation communication for Mercedes-Benz Group

Source: Cornelius Mangold
Source: Cornelius Mangold

What’s next?

Connected and autonomous driving, shared and electric mobility – more and more automotive companies are becoming a mobility service providers. In the Mercedes-Benz Group magazine, Mangold created and communicated sharable content about the company’s ongoing transformation.

Data instead of diesel

There’s a growing intersection between automotive and software companies. The Mercedes-Benz Group sets the highest standards and measures itself against the best. It was Mercedes-Benz’s turn to say what sets it apart from the standard behind user interfaces.

Websites, social media, print.

In his role as managing editor, Cornelius Mangold worked with the client to plan the contributions and ensure smooth interplay between text, illustration, creative creation, editing, and production. Distribution and publication dates were coordinated with the company’s other editorial teams.

The best of Content Marketing.

The BCM Award (Best of Content Marketing) is the largest and most important prize for content marketing in Germany. 

In 2016, there were 258 nominations and 58 awards, one of which was for the Mercedes-Benz next website.

10 Reasons why Mangold is good for branding

Cornelius Mangold

Source: Wolf Silveri
Source: Wolf Silveri

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