Brand positioning and implementation for mawa Lighting

Source: Cornelius Mangold
Source: Cornelius Mangold

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The positioning of lighting manufacturer mawa is hard to pin down. For design enthusiasts, the company is the first stop for re-editions of classics; planners know it as a lighting tool specialist. Mangold Branding was tasked with highlighting this unique positioning and communicating it both internally and externally.

Successful company succession

More than half of the 30,000 owner-managed companies in Germany are faced with the dilemma of ‘company succession’ every year. Even so, the size of the company and the revenues it generates are often less important to many companies’ founders than the size of their company. Often the company’s identity hinges on the self-image of the previous owner’s personality – unique, and priceless to this individual.

Future-proof transformation

Value and values – both have to be negotiated in advance for the transition from owner-managed to management-managed to be successful. Management consulting often determines value, not the values. An important part of branding is defining and communicating values in a way that is detachable from the owner.

Meaningful corporate identity

Cornelius Mangold gave mawa’s founder’s vision a language, and formulated key messages that were communicated to a rapidly growing marketing team. As a result, the founder, with the help of M&A advisors, was able to find the right successor.

10 Reasons why Mangold is good for branding

Cornelius Mangold

Source: Wolf Silveri
Source: Wolf Silveri

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