International brand campaign for the hardware manufacturer FSB

Source: Attila Hartwig
Source: Attila Hartwig

Showing backbone 

FSB, the manufacturer of handles for doors and windows, enjoys cult status among architects and designers; its premium products are of the highest quality. Without many words, these qualities of the traditional German brand were communicated to new target groups through an international campaign.

One language for all markets

With the print campaign for FSB, the Realgestalt agency developed a canon of visual symbols that have similar meanings in different cultural areas from San Francisco to Shanghai. In addition, consumers and professionals alike were addressed.

Creative idea, logical system

Cornelius Mangold attributed certain characteristics to the products – for example, durability, beauty, superiority, sustainability, intelligence. In a second step, he found universally readable symbols for the terms and suitable products for each. A few catchwords and the memorable slogan “FSB. It’s in your hands” completed the concept.

Aesthetics beats market research

Based on these sketches, Sarah Illenberger, known for her work for the fashion brand Hermès, composed 10 campaign motifs. In an advertising effectiveness analysis by the TNS Emnid Institute, they achieved top scores with an overall index value of 173. The double-page motifs were so popular with Asian trade magazines that some of them were placed for free. 

10 Reasons why Mangold is good for branding

Cornelius Mangold

Source: Wolf Silveri
Source: Wolf Silveri

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